Goals Self Care Quotes

The most powerful things I have learned

1. FearsFacing them is empowering. After all why to be controlled by them?
2. Making a mistake is OK – it is part of learning process and more productive way than staying still! Otherwise you will end up regretting the things you didn’t do. Keep in mind that every single thing is contribution and preparation for the big moment that is yet to come.
3. Perfection – is boring and unproductive. So, one more time, making a mistake is OK.
4. Everything depends on desire. If you want something badly enough you will find a way.
5. Your gut is always right. Ignoring inner voice could be a disaster.
6. Haters, mockers, complainers are unhappy people. Learn to handle them and don’t be discouraged by them. Use their “no making sense statements” as some kind of motivational strategy.
7. Content people are encouragers.
8. Time is precious – reading tabloids, watching mindless TV series or gossiping is pointless. Why to spend time and energy on things that don’t matter?
9. Karma is real. You get what you deserve.
10. Shopaholic – Spending excessive time at the mall is time waster. Do you really need dozen of handbags, shoes etc.? Seriously! Getting rid of this vain hobby has helped to find my other myself.
11. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Exploring, learning, reading books on self-improvement are productive & fun ways to live. Keep venturing out of your comfort zone.
12. Living abroad is exciting, challenging and rewarding at the same time. It’s a great way to create amazing stories.
13. We get treated the way we teach others to treat us. Respect and love yourself.
14. Write down your goals and stick with them – being fit or mastering a foreign language does’not happen overnight – it is a long process but indeed worth it.
15. Memories are priceless – create them
16. Do what you love even if you don’t get paid for it.
17. Quote: “If you think you can, you are right” Happens to be true. Our mind is powerful and it gives us a choice.
18. There is not enough inspiration – be encourager, hope giver; there are enough critics and cynics.
19. You don’t have to settle – in job, relationship, city etc. Ever!
20. Put things into right perspective. If something does not turn out the way you expected – it is tough but not catastrophe! Catastrophe is natural disaster, everything else – blip! Why to be discouraged or feel down about minor things?
21. Adrenaline attractions were not invented to decrease the number of population. They are here for us to try, to taste the trill, excitement or even fear. They make you feel alive.
22. Give your ideas, projects or dreams a chance – if it doesn’t turn out well you have at least more stories to tell!
23. Don’t give a %$## what people think about you. You ARE you. Be proud of being strong to resist the traditional way of thinking. You differ from the crowd.
24. The first letters of your name are not an accident. They stand for Zest (for life), Victorious. So see yourself as victorious 🙂
25. Acknowledge your achievements – celebrate – reward yourself

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