Self Care & Steps towards positive attitude

Putting yourself first is vital – it is not selfish. Everyone deserves “Me time”. When we look after ourselves we can take better care of anyone else, so everyone could benefit from your attitude, behavior and well-being.

Invest in yourself:

Healthy lifestyle – what we eat has an impact on how we look, feel and how much energy we have. Regular exercise – prevents risk of heart disease, reduces stress and much more. Overall it improves the quality of life.

Emotional and physical well-being – spending a quality time with friends and family, taking up hobbies, getting enough sleep (7-8 hours). Ignoring emotional self care could drain out your energy.

Time to unwind, relax – meditation , yoga, reiki, shitsu, listening to music

Continuous learning – reading uplifting/educational books, attending classes, watching documentaries

Positive guidance – they can positively influence our thoughts e.g. affirmations, visualization, listening to motivational speakers, reading uplifting books, surrounding with upbeat people

Venturing out of comfort zone – a great way to boost or restore confidence is to venture out of comfort zone.

Pamper yourself – new hair style, massage, make-over

Goals – are vision of ideal future. They help us accomplish more keep us on more exciting, fulfilling, productive path.

Seek professional assistance to help in challenging times

Self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs hold us back and prevent us from reaching our goals/desires. It is our choice to think either positive or negative. Why not to develop a positive attitude towards life? Why to be negative and sabotage our life?

• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• What are your self-limiting beliefs?
• List your good qualities. (E.g. honest, loyal, reliable, witty, responsible)
• List the successful things you have done
• Use a journal to record the positive things around you

Great ways to replace negative thoughts are affirmations and visualization. They are powerful statements and serve as a positive guidance – a great way to help boost your confidence.


Writing affirmations effectively is the key – Keep them brief, positive and in present tense. Believe in the statements and repeat them every day.
• I am capable of changing my life
• I stand up for my beliefs and values
• I am in charge of my life

Visualize your ideal lifestyle

Visualization can positively influence our thoughts and how we think about ourselves has affect on our behavior.

• Create relaxing environment
• Close your eyes
• Make your movie about you ideal life in your mind

Visualize your desired life – for instance, by closing eyes you can imagine the person you would desire to become – notice the posture, smile, clothes, positive attitude, the choices and decisions they are making and fearless life they are leading.

Overcome fears

The only way to overcome fear is to take an action, because then we realize that reality is not as bad as our imagination. Just think back when you did something for the first time e.g. riding a bicycle, speaking a foreign language etc. Everyone is usually stressed and nervous, but confidence grows with practice. The pride after each accomplishment is priceless.

Step out of comfort zone

To achieve more we need to put ourselves into unfamiliar situation. We all have a choice – either stagnate or grow. So why to settle for less? Why not to see what we capable of? Why to be controlled by fear? List 10 things that are 100% within your comfortable zone and 10 things that are 100% outside of your comfort zone. It could be starting new project, taking up painting or one off experience like driving V8 car.

Reprogramming negative thinking and replacing with positive thoughts takes time and effort, but there are countless benefits like feeling great, energetic, relaxed, confident, ooze with “can do” attitude…

Is being perfect productive? No!

Being perfect could stem from a fear of criticism. A deadline could help prevent from spending too much time and energy on a particular project/task.


Are you spending time people who make you feel better or worse? Who do you spend time with? Who are you around? The environment we live in has a strong influence on our decisions, actions, etc.


Acknowledge your progress – enjoy the journey.

Care for yourself, Believe in yourself, respect yourself, love yourself

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