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Blog dedicated to travel, personal growth and positive attitude towards life. The main purpose is inspiration, because amazing things happen if we are brave enough to dare.

Hi there, thanks for visiting. My name is Zaneta – I believe without dreams, self-improvement and venturing out of our comfort zone, life could become dull.

Adventures - My verdict

The most intense & the least memorable adventures

  • Sledging – basically going down a river head first while lying on half a boogie board and holding onto bars. So being directly in the rapids instead of in a raft makes the adventure more exhilarating.

    - Sledging – 5 stars
  • Freefall Xtreme – The flying experience was nothing more than floating above the fan while my feet were held as well as paying attention during the whole flying process to the guide who was navigating and adjusting my body posture.

    - Freefall Xtreme – 1 star
  • SkyJump – is New Zealand’s highest wire-controlled base- jump. It is 192 meters high. So, basically you are attached to a cable and jump off of the tower and land on your feet. The fall reaching speed of 85km an hour lasts about 11 seconds. Intense and unforgettable experience.

    - SkyJump – 5 stars

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