Sticking to the goals

In part 1, I wrote about the advantages of Setting goals, but obviously just writing them down isn’t enough. Action, discipline, desire and persistence are the keys to successful outcome, which will most likely take time, effort, and/or courage. How exciting! 🙂 It means that making significant changes/achieving goals are reserved to those who keep going. If it was as easy as switching on TV everyone would be living their wildest dreams. We have a choice. We can follow a path or create one. We either go towards our goals or further away.


Just envision these two paths:

The first path looks smooth, well-kept and comfortable, which looks like an obvious choice to take, but as you embark the stillness, predictability, being taken for granted are tiring you down. Most decisions are made for you and you are shifted from one side to another. This road weakens you, squashes you, takes away your self-esteem, confidence, beliefs, even values… This journey is filled with regrets, bitterness, blame, dissatisfaction and you wonder why you didn’t take risks, why didn’t you have the guts to fight for what you believe in? Overcoming obstacles on the seemingly rocky and twisted road gives you strength, pride, fulfilling life… The journey of accomplishment is priceless. How you respond during challenging times is what shapes your character and your future. The path will determine how happy or unhappy you will be.

Winners take action


Developing self-discipline has a magic power – by focusing on result you will value your time and get more things done. You will be aware of your thoughts and make more productive choices. It is investing in yourself. You will be amazed how many people will call you “lucky”. You will be “lucky” for instance for being able to speak a foreign language, to be fit, play instrument etc. In fact, they are just saying “I am lazy to set goals and stick with them.” So don’t see self-discipline as something negative. I can tell you it has been serving me well 🙂

Self-discipline tips:

Decide what you want to do and when you want to have it done (Part 1 – SMART goals)
Create a to-do list (This will give you some clear direction)
Keep your ultimate goal with you e.g. this could be a picture from a magazine

The great news is that it eventually becomes a habit. Creating a ritual is a good way to get ready for action, for instance I revise four pages of English vocabulary every morning or I am more energized and get more things done by having a tidy desk so I clean it every night.

Just a few daily disciplines make a significant impact in the future. The choice is yours. You could plan to put aside 30 minutes a day to learn for instance a foreign language or just waste it by watching a mindless TV program. Any small change or improvements count. It will make a difference in the future. You would be amazed to see the results within a year. The effort will pay off.

Self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs hold us back and prevent us from reaching our goals/desires. It is our choice to think either positive or negative. Why not to develop a positive attitude towards life? Why to be negative and sabotage our life?
• What are your strengths?
• What are your weaknesses?
• What are your self-limiting beliefs?
• List the successful things you have done
• List your good qualities. (E.g. honest, loyal, reliable, witty, responsible)

Great ways to replace negative thoughts are affirmations and visualization. They are powerful statements and serve as a positive guidance – a great way to help boost our confidence.


It can positively influence our thoughts and how we think about ourselves has affect on our behavior.
Visualize your desired outcome – your ideal life
• Create relaxing environment
• Close your eyes
• Make your movie about you ideal life in your mind


Writing affirmations effectively is the key – Keep them brief, positive and in present tense. Believe in the statements and repeat them every day.
E.g. I achieve great things. I can. I know I can.

Daily review:

• What action I am taking today to get closer to my goals?
• What have I learned today?

Weekly review:

• What have I done this week to move towards my goals?
• What challenges am I facing?
• What actions am I taking next week?


Acknowledge your progress – enjoy the journey.

Tip: don’t just cross your goals off like a shopping list. Display them or have them in your notepad/list/diary so when you feel down, you can look back on your accomplishments, which will energize you towards new goals.

Dream Big Believe in yourself Live passionately

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