Here is my collection of impressions and observations


• The currency used in Cambodia is the riel and US Dollar. Unless you want to carry a bag full of Cambodian bills, there is no need to exchange US dollars. Riels have a very low value, for instance 4000 riel is equivalent to $1US. It is common to get change in a combination of both currencies.

Roads• “Roads” (you need to have a good sense of imagination to call them roads but the journey will be indeed memorable one) – the roads are bumpy and very dusty. I would recommend bringing a face mask (or you could buy one here) and leaving light outfits behind. In other words, you will get dirty. I came back from a city stroll looking as if I was working a week in the fields.

• Excessive heat and humidity just like in a wash-house in the middle of a shift.

TrafficChaotic traffic. You will be amazed how many people or things can be transported at once. I find carrying all sorts of stuff like that as a mixture of skill, insanity and brevity but it somehow works.

Power cuts – just in case bring a torch along (if you’re planning to see sunrise at Angkor Wat you will need it anyway)

• Streets are full of rubbish

• Poverty, which leads to begging

• Cambodians are very friendly

In Phnom Penh and Siem Reap is western food almost everywhere and Wi-Fi connection offers most convenient stores and guesthouses.

Expect anything but boredom. Have a memorable time

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